Virtual production company launches Porta, a controller to create Unreal Engine graphics on live productions

DAZN Spain MotoGP disguise

DAZN has turned to disguise for live graphics on its MotoGP coverage in Spain.

Revealed at NAB 2023, the virtual production company launched Porta, a cloud-based control interface for use with AR and xR graphics as well as more traditional motion graphics such as lower thirds and full screens made in Unreal Engine. 

Porta lets operators integrate Unreal Engine graphics into their traditional broadcast workflows, and control their playout, without the need to acquire specialized skills or new talent. Users can also draw on preexisting graphics templates and play content out in rundowns.

For its MotoGP coverage, DAZN has a green screen virtual studio with three tracked cameras, using Unreal Engine to create all motion graphics, including lower thirds, locators, video splits and full screen graphics, controlled and played out through Porta and powered by the disguise px render hardware.

Grigory Mindlin, general manager for broadcast at disguise, said: “This project is a milestone for us, with all the graphics built in native Unreal Engine — including the CG graphics. It’s a very efficient setup using our cloud-based Porta control, which runs on Unreal, and we are extremely proud to be able to showcase our work for the first time ever at this year’s 100th NAB.”

Quim Domènech, SVP of Content for DAZN Spain, added: “At DAZN we keep innovating and applying technology to enhance the viewing experience for all sports fans. This virtual studio allows us to offer augmented realities of motorbikes, to generate virtual windows for image analysis and to connect with the circuit, turning each race into a more immersive experience never seen before during a MotoGP live broadcast.”