US systems integrator launches European presence

ASG Control Room

Systems integrator Advanced Systems Group will open a London office from May 2024. 

Based at Aviation House in Holborn, London, the new facility aims to give the US-based company a larger European presence and its first non-US office. Tim Cuthbertson, an ASG global account executive with more than 30 years of integration and professional services experience at the likes of Blackmagic, Pixit, Fairlight, and more, will relocate back to his native London to head the new operations as managing director.

The offices have space for further expansion, and will first focus on ASG’s current European clients, Snap, Google, and Yahoo, as well as ASG’s US clients who have UK facilities, offering its data storage, workflow tools, and managed services that it already does in the US.

Cuthbertson said the ASG UK launch was a “right time, right place” decision driven by shifting business and economic factors. “Organisations in our markets have had to reinvent their operations, first adapting to workforce changes caused by the pandemic, and later dealing with issues like the actors and writers strikes, so there’s a lot of pent-up refitting and development that’s ramping up.”

He added: “With globally distributed workforces now a reality, having an international presence is an operational requirement. Technology doesn’t stop moving, and London is a significant production centre, so expanding was the logical choice. Our UK presence will be there to serve the needs of these organisations.”

Ken Spickler, VP global engineering at Visual Data, a long-standing ASG customer with global operations including in the US and London, commented: “Advanced Systems Group’s expansion into the UK is a boon to the European production and post-production services sector, enabling more companies to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and technical expertise it has built up over many years. At Visual Data, it would have been much more challenging to achieve our growth without trusting in ASG.”

Advanced Systems Group president Dave Van Hoy said: “From the start, our goal was never to be the biggest integrator, but to be known for delivering the best service for our customers. We have been operating internationally with a managed services and SI presence in London for more than a decade, and several of our global M&E and enterprise customers have long requested us to establish a greater presence outside of North America. It’s clear that this is the right time to formally expand our international business and open an office in London.”