Kit features newly developed digital drive unit

Canon 4k portable zoom lens

Canon has launched the CJ27ex7.3B IASE T, a portable zoom lens for 4K broadcast cameras.

Featuring the newly developed e-Xs V drive unit, the 2.1kg lens is compatible with cameras that have two/three-inch sensors and offers a 7.3-197mm focal length range and a 2.0x optical extender. It delivers a 27x optical zoom ranging from a remarkable 7.3mm wide angle to 197mm focal length at the telephoto end.

It also includes a built-in 2.0x extender that means users can double maximum reach to 394mm. The e-Xs V drive unit features three 20-pin connectors, a USB-C port, and a 16-bit encoder, as well as an integrated focus breathing compensation.

Jack Adair, product specialist at Canon Europe, said: “With its wide focal range, unparalleled optical performance, and advanced features, this lens truly redefines what professionals can expect from broadcasting equipment. The lens and supporting drive unit represent a culmination of our commitment to innovation and empowering users to capture stunning footage whether that’s in the great outdoors or in studio. It is the first of a new generation of broadcast lenses in a line we will continue to expand.”