Together they plan to future-proof S4C’s output and showcase Welsh language and culture on the platform

Chris a'r Afal Mawr - Mathew Rhys

Little Dot Studios and S4C are partnering to bolster the broadcaster’s YouTube presence.

The move is driven by a desire to future-proof S4C’s output and showcase Welsh language and culture. The partnership comes after S4C received £7.5m of additional funding from the UK Government’s Department of Culture, Media, and Sport to develop the provision on digital platforms.

The YouTube content will include S4C’s most popular brands and talent, including Gogglebocs Cymru (Gogglebox Wales), fire chef and award-winning presenter Chris ‘Flamebaster’ Roberts, bilingual prison drama Bariau and a YouTube-first series starring Wales footballer Oli Cooper and his partner Tanwen Cray.

S4C also plans a bespoke bilingual series with YouTube stars Jon and Emilie James, whose videos documenting their mortgage-free project ‘Camp Out West’ have had millions of views, and exclusive interviews with high-profile figures from the likes of Donald Trump to Wrexham A.F.C. co-owners, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

S4C will collaborate with Little Dot Studios to engage wider audiences, building on the success of its main YouTube channel, with the number of hours of S4C content watched on YouTube having almost doubled last year.

Chris ‘Flamebaster’ Roberts, said: “It’s vitally important for S4C to be accessible to all and YouTube is a great way to connect with a new audience. We’re proud of our heritage and language, and it’s important for Welsh culture to be seen and heard around the globe.”

James Loveridge, managing director of entertainment at Little Dot Studios, added: “Our collaboration with S4C is focused on championing the broadcaster’s profound legacy in showcasing Welsh language and culture across global social platforms. Leveraging their extensive library of long-form, television-quality content, we anticipate a significant boost in engagement with diverse audiences, fostering increased watch-time and ultimately enhancing revenue for S4C.”

Geraint Evans, S4C joint interim CEO and chief content officer, said: “S4C is delighted to be partnering with Little Dot to introduce Welsh content to a new audience. Our YouTube channel has seen considerable growth over the last 5 years and now we look to supercharge it to bring in a global young audience.”

PICTURED: Chris a’r Afal Mawr - Matthew Rhys