The camera provides cinematic picture quality for live productions

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Arri has unveiled the Alexa 35 Live, a multicam system that will bring the cinematic look, HDR, and “a new level of creative control” to live productions.

It is aimed at capturing concerts, musical events, sports, esports, TV shows, fashion shows, scripted content, comedy shows, and so on.

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The system combines the 4K Alexa 35 Live camera, the Live Production System LPS-1, the Skaarhoj RCP, and a variety of bespoke multicam accessories.

The Alexa 35 Live camera captures a cinematic Arri look, supporting an ongoing trend in live productions, says Arri.

The Super 35-sized 4K sensor enables shallow depth of field, and the camera captures 17 stops of dynamic range so can handle extreme lighting situations.

The Alexa 35 Live – multicam system provides all the common live production shading controls and additional creative options that Arri says provide a fresh look.

The built-in Arri Look Library offers 87 cinematic looks that control colour in three intensities and can be activated at the push of a button, catering to different shooting scenarios.

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There are also several specially developed multicam looks that provide time-saving presets for typical live production scenarios such as studios, concerts, or ski racing.  

The Live Production System LPS-1 consists of the fiber camera adapter and the fiber base station. They can be connected either with a hybrid fiber cable that delivers both power and uncompressed 4K video over distances up to 2 km, or with a tactical fiber cable up to 10 km in length.

The Alexa 35 Live - multicam system is equipped with several user interfaces. A jog wheel and display on both the fiber camera adapter and the fiber base station provide status display and enable on-the-spot adjustments.

There’s also an Arri Webremote that enables full control of the camera, while a multicam web interface provides full configuration of the fiber camera adapter and fiber base station, including signal routing, diagnostics, and software updates.

The Skaarhoj Reactor web interface enables full control, configuration, and updating of the Skaarhoj RCP.