It has launched DubGenie, an AI dubbing arm

Blu Digital Group DubGenie

Blu Digital Group has launched DubGenie, a specialised AI dubbing service arm.

DubGenie uses AI frameworks and technology from other industry players, which it applies to content that needs dubbing. Working through BluConductor, Blu Digital Group’s proprietary cloud-based system, Blu claims that the system retains a, “human touch,” through integration with its human dubbing experts, that aims to maintain the authenticity and emotional depth of the original content.

Blu’s translation and subtitling solutions remain as separate parts of the business. 

Paulette Pantoja, CEO of Blu Digital Group, said: “DubGenie is born from our passion for innovation and our dedication to enhancing the global content experience. By focusing exclusively on AI dubbing in this service, we aim to transform how content is experienced across different languages, ensuring creators can tell their stories worldwide without losing the essence of their original message.”

She added: “With DubGenie, we’re utilizing the latest AI technologies, complemented by our team’s expertise, to provide efficient and cost-effective dubbing solutions. This service is designed to meet the growing demand for high-quality, localized content, making it easier for owners of documentaries, films, and series to expand their global audience.”