File sharing software could already link with Premiere Pro

LucidLink Adobe After Effects

LucidLink has added an integration with Adobe After Effects.

Similarly to its integration with Premiere Pro announced last year, users can now access a LucidLink panel in After Effects. This allows them to pin and unpin composition content, search for both clips and compositions, load footage directly into the viewer, access clip metadata, and copy LucidLink links, all from within the panel. 

The software is compatible with both Mac and Windows, and is available through the Adobe Exchange. LucidLink next hopes to add bin and folder pinning directly in the app for both Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Matt Schneider, director of product marketing at Lucidlink, said: “We’re bringing LucidLink’s unique caching and pinning technology directly into Adobe After Effects, thus supercharging performance and creating a much smoother workflow. Artists and designers working on motion graphics and VFX will be able to focus so much more on their craft and on their creative vision.

“And this is just the beginning: artists and editors alike using both Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects will soon be able to pin bins and folders as well, empowering users with even greater organization and efficiency.”