Soho 601 has appointed Aardman head of CGI Will Byles in the same week as losing two staff to New Zealand post facility Oktobor, writes Barbara Marshall.
Head of telecine Andrew Clarkson and Inferno artist Martin Goodwin will join former Condor Post Production head of business development Stephen Douglas at the Wellington-based facility (Broadcast, 30.11.01). Clarkson has already been replaced by senior telecine colourist Adam Christopher, who has been freelancing at the facility.

Clarkson said it was the 'sheer audacity' of the offer that caught the pair's attention: 'Starting up a new post house, putting in all the latest kit, being creative focused and allowing us to work as a team - in this gloomy time, the sunshine seems like a good bet.'

Byles has been brought in to develop Soho 601's 3D visual effects department beyond its current support role and will manage the Maya and Mac departments.

Before joining Aardman in 1999, he ran his own film company HarumScarum Films.