A British film and TV producer has claimed that producing content in high definition offers better value for money than both 35mm and Super 16mm film, writes David Collins.
Open Road Films producer Andrew Holmes, speaking at the Broadcast's HD conference, explained to the audience that he believes the format adds value to a production. And he illustrated his point by comparing quoted HD prices for various parts of the production chain - from crewing to post - with the price for its film equivalents. He concluded that it is possible to save more than 50% on your production costs compared with 35mm.He added that the "back-end" deals that can be done as a result of producing content in HD - such as improved archiving and increased possibilities of international sell-on - also add value to a production.According to Holmes, although overall prices for working in HD were similar to that of Super 16mm, the extra quality makes it a better value-for-money format."Quotes prove to me that costs are reducing rapidly," he said, "and also that Super 16 and HD are neck and neck. HD offers better picture quality, enhanced production values of special effects and increased sales value.""Rather like the alchemist," he continued, "I've been looking for something that turns lead into gold, but still has the cost of lead. I really think we're getting there."Holmes is developing four feature films - for a total of #16m - and will shoot three on HD: "because of quality, not just budget. I believe HD equals added value."There are currently more than a 100 different high definition video formats available around the world.