Maartje Horchner is head of acquisitions at All3Media International
  • Are you expecting the credit crunch to hit distribution hard in 2009?
    Yes, but not immediately. On the whole, buyers are still buying and paying on time, though many are buying on pre-agreed budgets. A lot will depend on viewing habits around the world. We've already noticed a shift towards buyers looking for programmes for which they can find a sponsor.

  • Are you worried about a possible dip in quality content?
    I'm not too worried about the quality - during harder times producers seem to become more creative. Quantity may well be an issue - and the speed with which shows go into production.

  • What are the big trends emerging?
    In the current financial climate, buyers are focused on finding feel-good programmes - dramas with happy endings, big-money game shows and upbeat human interest stories.

  • What will be the big sellers at the coming markets?
    Returning drama series with proven track records - Midsomer Murders and Wild at Heart, for example - feel-good human interest and factual entertainment. TV movies will struggle.

  • Besides All3Media International's own content, what's the best format around at the moment?
    There are lots of good ones at present. My favourites are Farmer Wants a Wife, The Secret Millionaire and Duel.