“Watching The Durrells is like taking a warm dip in the Ionian Sea after a glass of robola”

The Durrells

“The Durrells is almost the perfect antidote to misery, being visually gorgeous and inhabiting a world where nothing is ever terribly serious and any sadness is jollified through the prism of whimsy. Watching The Durrells is like taking a warm dip in the Ionian Sea after a glass of robola.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“Certainly The Durrells is not demanding, but nor does it have pretensions of profundity. On the whole, The Durrells is easy, sunny and nostalgic, and rolls along charmingly.”
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

“The Durrells is most compelling when nothing is happening. If such a sedate pace is to succeed, however, the cast and the script needs to be exceptional. Both continue to deliver in spades.”
Rupert Hawksley, The Telegraph

“The Durrells has lost none of its charm, and proved once again that there’s nothing wrong with formulaic drama. Providing, of course, that it’s well-written, acted and directed and throws a few surprises into the mix.”
Jeff Robson, The i

“Since the first series, The Durells has been more of an expensive sitcom – plus landscape, plus wildlife. The start of the third series showed no sign of getting sensible.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

“While it is lovely to look at, there’s scant dramatic nourishment or originality to be found beyond the pretty pictures. Amrita Acharia and Amanda Redman do a valiant job of trying to breathe gravitas/quality/humour into the proceedings and they occasionally succeed. But mostly it’s like drinking a weak shandy. Not unpleasant, but you’re not sure you want a refill.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“’The show needed to avoid the two-years-in-the-same-holiday-resort feeling, and in many aspects it managed it. A verdant couple of swoops over the lush Indian countryside gave us the sense we’d see more of the country than some busy roads and a touristy beach. And it was grippingly tense when a powercut struck, plunging the hospital into darkness.”
Tom Ough, The Telegraph

“When the series debuted last year, I felt it ticked the ‘feelgood drama’ boxes a bit too slickly. But several million viewers clearly disagree. And this time around it felt a little less formulaic. Writer Dan Sefton has fleshed out his characters nicely and all the cast rose to the occasion.”
Jeff Robson, The i

Famously Unfit for Sport Relief, BBC2

“Famously Unfit for Sport Relief was a gruelling undertaking for the viewer. It was about 50 minutes too long and almost completely devoid of entertainment. In fact, anyone who managed to get to the end probably deserves to be sponsored themselves.”
Rupert Hawksley, The Telegraph