The Foundry has launched Colorway, an application for making changes to 3D objects  and scenes.

The company said the software would “accelerate the creative design process, giving users access to a simple environment where they can develop looks of 3D objects and scenes and then share a selection of iterations with clients”.

A Colorway kit that allows users to import and export their files into for The Foundry’s 3D modelling, painting and rendering software Modo is available today.

Compatibility with Maxon’s Cinema4D will be available soon, the Foundry said.  

“The process of creating a final look in 3D can be slow and frustrating for designers and clients,” said product manager Matt Brealey.

“Simple changes involve round tripping back into a 3D application for time consuming re-rendering. With Colorway these barriers are removed, enabling artists with the ability to make almost limitless real-time changes to an image.”

The software includes Colorway Presenter, a free desktop app that lets clients pick the images they prefer and make real-time changes.

How it works

Using the Colorway kit, users can export a .DCI file into the main Colorway app.

Once in Colorway, they can experiment with looks and finalise a selection of configurable scenes.

Those files can then be sent to a client or colleague working in the Colorway Presenter app.

The Colorway Presenter user can tweak to find their favourite variation of the image, before sending their chosen looks back to Colorway.

All colour, texture and light changes stored in the signed-off looks can then be sent from Colorway to the source 3D application in the .DCI file for final rendering.

A trial version of the software is available now, ahead of a commercial release later this year.

ColorwayPresenter and the exporter kits for Modo and Cinema4D are free.

The software is available on Windows and Mac OSX, with and iOs version of COlorway Presenter “coming soon”.