“It’s a frothy, nonsensical game, and I thoroughly enjoyed it”


“By rights, This Is My House should not work. It’s high-concept, but with extremely low stakes: four people – one genuine, three pretenders – each have to convince a panel of celebrity judges that they are the true owner of a property, and the only prize is a measly £1,000 for the real homeowner if they win. But somehow, it does.”
Barbara Speed, The i

“Trailing about after people pretending a sofa belongs to them and serving up backstories about where a penis-shaped corkscrew came from? Sounds too “skins stay on?!” for words. Then Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen turns up as a guest judge and it all begins to smell a lot like dentures. All the wrong answers on a light entertainment commissioning test. The hostility builds quickly and – you know in at least one case – genuinely And yet, it’s fantastic. It works SO well. It is instantly compelling.”
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

“This Is My House is an odd concept. It seems to have taken a five-minute segment from Would I Lie to You? (the one in which celebrities claim that a member of the public is their milkman/yoga teacher/intimate waxer and the panel has to guess which one is telling the truth) and stretched it to an hour. Painfully.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“Welcome to This is My House, an excellent Channel 4 daytime show. Hang on, no. It’s on BBC One at 9pm. Surely that can’t be right? Nine o’clock is for weary detectives investigating murders, not Stacey Dooley poking around a stranger’s drawers and asking: “What day is bin day?””
Anita Singh, Telegraph

“It’s a frothy, nonsensical game, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I won’t want to miss a moment next week.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail