Director of content and programming, Vevo.

What’s your most recent commission and why?
VEVO Summer Six is our festival strand and we will be following six emerging acts across the summer. We wanted to create a platform for artists who tell their story best live, and give fans the opportunity to really see what happens on stage, back stage and on tour during a festival season.

What would you like more of?
Programming that takes more risks, aids discovery and puts fans front and centre.

What’s a definite no for you?
We’re a new digital platform and nothing is discounted. We are open to all ideas.

What’s your top pitching tip for producers?
Don’t force it, let people make up their own minds, but be passionate about your ideas.

What do you wish you’d commissioned?
I’d do anything to have commissioned The Word.

Best line you’ve heard in a pitch?
“There’s going to be a paddling pool.”

Worst line?
“I’m not sure if this will work but…”

Inspired by?
Kids get a lot of bad press these days, but if you look a little closer at youth culture you see an amazingly creative generation. Technology is giving people the opportunity to produce fantastic video content and we are seeing more and more examples of this in music.

What’s the one thing producers should know about you?
I won’t string you along. You will know very quickly if we can work together.