'... a real and unflinching portrait of natural childbirth.' Read on for the critics' full verdict on last night's TV.

Personal Services Required, C4
“Where Channel 4 continues to find enough dreadful people to stock Wife Swaps, this trash and Big Brother is a mystery. Or a tragedy.”
Anna Pickard, The Guardian

Personal Services Required, C4
“You have to wonder about the long-term prospects of a series where the best you can hope for in the way of emotional uplift is the spectacle of the economically disadvantaged signing over their lives to the economically privileged.”
Thomas Sutcliffe, The Independent

Extraordinary People: Outlaw Births, Five
“It was at least a real and unflinching portrait of natural childbirth - as well as a reminder of how unusual it is to see uncensored images of women giving birth and breastfeeding on primetime TV.”
Anna Pickard, The Guardian

Tribal Wives, BBC2
“It's like Bruce Parry but with less hunting and more water-gathering.”
Anna Pickard, The Guardian

Marco's Great British Feast, ITV1
“It's as if Tarrantino has invaded happy, smiley primetime food programming.”
Tim Teeman, The Times