'... utterly bonkers but curiously satisfying.' Read on for the critics' full verdict on last night's TV.

Bonekickers, BBC1
“The opening episode was a clattering bag of madness [... ] It was utterly bonkers but curiously satisfying.”
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

Bonekickers, BBC1
“Given that it was created by Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham, two of the men behind Life on Mars, Bonekickers might still be worth keeping an eye on after last night - but only to see if it can possibly remain so bad.”
James Walton, The Daily Telegraph

Bonekickers, BBC1
“I watched with my teenage sons and we had a whale of a time, hooting at the silliness of the dialogue and the wild improbabilities of the plotting. Whether we would have quite as much fun the second time around is another matter.”
Thomas Sutcliffe, The Independent

Bonekickers, BBC1
“... pretends to find history intriguing but has no real faith that we viewers will.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

Imagine... Love, Loss and Anthony Minghella, BBC1
“Last night's Imagine film was sweet and touching, but just a little undermined by the readiness of the actors and actresses to say nice things about the directors they are currently working with.”
Thomas Sutcliffe, The Independent

Camilla's Family Affair: Revealed, Five
“This was an intriguing story, full of uncanny symmetries but it opted for a smutty, nudge-nudge, how's-your-father tone which ultimately let it down.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express