“This programme was not so much a parade of freakish objects as a celebration of people.”

“For all the gorgeously worthless tat on show (and special honours must go to the black funeral hearse customised with AC/DC flames) this programme was not so much a parade of freakish objects as a celebration of people”.
Iona McLaren, The Telegraph

“Despite the junk, there’s something quite sweet about this show: partners and family supporting each other in these often hare-brained schemes, believing that one day, something will come good”.
Vicky Frost, The Guardian

“Out of nowhere, this was glorious TV. An hour that made me laugh as much as any sitcom I’ve watched this week, but produced with a deft enough touch to make it clear that its main characters are in on any jokes”.
Will Dean, The Independent

“It didn’t work. Nor did the rest of it, although last year as a one-time-only, slice-of-life-type documentary, the stories of these perpetually hopeful micro-moguls made for an interesting hour”.
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

Jack Taylor, Channel 5

“The alcoholic detective; his irresistibility to, yet pining for, women; the mad serial killer; the dead female students; the “surprise” killing of a lead; the psychosis beneath the academic mind — Jack Taylor bore not merely the patina of cliché, it was built of the stuff”.
Andrew Billen, The Times

“Back for three feature-length episodes, this crime series is proper old-fashioned police noir: if you enjoyed Rebus and Endeavour, Jack Taylor will not disappoint”.
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“One thing I particularly like about these stories is that although there’s a distinctively Irish flavour there’s no typical case”.
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

Coast Australia, BBC2

“Neil Oliver attempts to explain why Sydney’s harbour is one of the world’s finest in Coast Australia, but falls some way short”.
Vicky Frost, The Guardian