“The real genius lay in the selection of these precocious pre-teens.”

Dinner at 11

Dinner at 11, Channel 4

“Like Come Dine with Me crossed with 7 Up, Dinner at 11 is a brilliant idea, but the real genius lay in the selection of these precocious pre-teens”.
Ellen E Jones, The Independent

“Hell, I think the level of debate and discussion is higher than it is in our house”.
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

“All praise to the kids, but to the channel: back to the drawing board”.
Alex Hardy, The Times

“All the children were bright and articulate. They’d be a pleasure at a family gathering, but it was cruel to ask them to behave like adults for the camera, and crueller still to mock their efforts”.
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

A Very British Airline, BBC2

“In all, this was a remarkably undynamic look behind the scenes of our national airline, and surely a missed opportunity”.
Rebecca Smith, The Telegraph

“This kind of show only works if it provides a rare glimpse inside an extraordinary institution. Or if it has extraordinary characters. Or extraordinary stories. And it doesn’t really have any of those”.
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

“These tales were sweet, but did they really justify narrator Martin Clunes’s talk of “a super-normal sense” and “awe-inspiring” qualities? I don’t think so”.
Rebecca Smith, The Telegraph

“A BBC2 Horizon programme with the same title was broadcast this time last year, but this was far more interesting and informative, and featured some truly charismatic felines”.
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail