“An hour of confusing and heartbreaking tragedy which had little clear point.”

Heroes of Helmand

Heroes of Helmand: The British Army’s Great Escape, Channel 4

“It is billed as the shocking story that parts of the military have covered up for a decade, of incredible heroism by men on the ground, fighting for their lives after they were abandoned in hell by senior officers. But disappointingly, it seemed to echo the main British mission in Afghanistan rather than illuminate it, providing an hour of confusing and heartbreaking tragedy which had little clear point.”
Emma Graham-Harrison, The Guardian

“Steve Humphries’s well-illustrated and sourced documentary pulled its punches by refusing to discuss what the allies could have done differently. If there was something, then this was surely an act of high-level military incompetence. Instead we were left with an essay on the futility of war.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

“These were men fighting with frantic heroism for their lives. We could see the drilled efficiency and the intensity fuelled by adrenaline. This footage was quite simply unique. As the reality of what we were seeing sank in, the effect was staggering.”Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“Phil’s far more used to renovated suburban semis and was out of his depth as a tour guide. It was painfully clear he’s a stranger to historic homes. Not a National Trust member, then, Phil?”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“Stately HomeMaking With Phil Spencer could have been many things. It could have been a show in which people in Dorking turned their three-bed semis into Venetian palaces. (I’d have watched). It could have been a show in which the last few, embittered members of the upper classes were blinging up their crumbling piles before selling them to Uzbek billionaires. (I’d have watched that, too). It’s neither of those things, but still very watchable: a guided tour with extras.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express