“The documentary was too even-handed to be truly memorable.”

Inside the Billionnaire's Wardrobe

Inside a Billionaire’s Wardrobe, BBC2

“This wasn’t the flaying of the industry some will have hoped for, but it was the kind of good, clear, unsensationalist examination that perhaps encourages people to sit down and keep watching rather than bring the mental shutters down in horror. Let’s hope.”
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

“Reggie Yates’s documentary Inside the Billionaire’s Wardrobe was misnamed. There was less time spent with clothes and much more with the animals who die in their production. The documentary was too even-handed to be truly memorable.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

“Gameshow host and DJ Reggie Yates seemed to lack faith in his own ability to front a serious documentary and kept collapsing into giggles during his report into the fur and animal skins trade. This was a hard-hitting show with a serious budget, taking Reggie from Siberia to Indonesia to New York, and deserved better than a presenter behaving like a little girl.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

Camping, Sky Atlantic

“The latest Julia Davis masterpiece, a six-part tale of holiday misadventures, came to an end last night. I was entirely broken by the opening few minutes of the finale. She’s an appalling genius, that Davis. I shall need a holiday to recover. Not camping.”
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

Flowers, Channel 4

“It kicked off on Monday with a double episode, and got steadily worse until by the end of last night’s third episode, it was truly dire. Great sitcom can be pitch-dark — think of Steptoe or Till Death. And it can be surreal and nightmarish, too, like Father Ted or The League Of Gentlemen. But Flowers falls far, far short of those classics.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

Britain’s Treasure Islands, BBC4

“I wondered about the point of Britain’s Treasure Islands. On one hand it fulfilled a boyhood dream-style mission of visiting all 14 of Britain’s overseas territories in one TV series. On the other hand, in a bid to bag them all, presenter Stewart McPherson visited some of them so fleetingly he might as well not have bothered.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express