“It’s a satisfying and zippy watch even if you don’t know your Sith Lords from your Inquisitors”


Ahsoka, Disney+

“Ahsoka has two qualities lacking from much recent Star Wars output. A solid story and an imaginative visual twist on George Lucas’s universe.”
Ed Power, The Telegraph

“Don’t worry if you’re not well-versed in Star Wars lore. Though this confident two-episode premiere pulls heavily from Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, it’s a satisfying and zippy watch even if you don’t know your Sith Lords from your Inquisitors.”
Amon Warmann, The i

“Ahsoka has plenty of flickers of what made Andor and the early Mandalorian such a ride, but it suffers from the same syndrome that makes Bad Star Wars bad: it’s so in awe of franchise lore it keeps taking our interest for granted.”
Jack Seale, The Guardian

“Ahsoka lacks the beauty or grandeur of the best of George Lucas’s vision. It has nothing of the tactility of Tatooine’s deserts or Hoth’s icescape. The production design is as flat and flimsy as the characterisation. Ahsoka herself is, on paper, a badass – but on the screen she feels joyless.”
Nick Hilton, The Independent

“There are incendiary live performances in tiny basement clubs that contain more energy in 10 seconds than 133 hours of Glastonbury coverage. The footage may be grainy but even a drone hovering in the Earth’s ionosphere could pick up the incredible power that comes when an MC connects with a crowd. It captures that rare magic when people striving in challenging circumstances use their youth, their smarts and their anger to create something so powerful and new that the world is changed for ever.”
Oliver Keens, The Guardian

“Suffice to say, a documentary explaining exactly what grime is, how it sprang up and why it did is overdue and BBC4’s 8-Bar: The Evolution of Grime, shown in the Storyville strand, did all of this, which is no mean feat. This film’s exhaustive, and perhaps a bit exhausting, document of a uniquely British sound — black culture’s answer to punk — was a reminder of just how astonishing it is when youth culture creates a new musical language.”
James Jackson, The Times

Ultimate Wedding Planner, BBC2

“Ultimate Wedding Planner is a reality competition so lifeless that none of the contestants even got knocked out this week. Despite being uniformly useless, all six rivals were told to return and try again. So far, we’ve seen just one person dismissed, another quit because of homesickness, and now a complete cop-out by the judges. At this rate, the series will still be dragging on come Christmas.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail