“Somewhere along the line James Graham seems to have succumbed to the dramatist’s temptation of falling in love with his subject.”

Brexit: The Uncivil War

“No doubt James Graham began with his scepticism tanks brimming o’er, but somewhere along the line he seems to have succumbed to the dramatist’s temptation of falling in love with his subject. His Cummings seems overall to be one that derives from taking Cummings at his own visionary valuation.”
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

“Graham may have set out to unearth the dangerous power of a new kind of manipulative data politics, but he fell in love with his lead character, and ended up creating a drama for the ‘metropolitan commentariat’ that says, ‘look, you lost to someone cleverer than you’. It was brilliantly done, too.”
Chris Harvey, The Telegraph

“There’s little doubt as to which side viewers will be inclined to side with when watching Graham’s latest foray into political drama. And that is the Vote Leave campaign masterminded by Dominic Cummings. Not that Graham’s hugely engaging drama will change anyone’s mind over the rights and wrongs of Brexit. It just shows how it might have happened, against all the odds.”
Gerard Gilbert, The i

“This fascinating documentary showed in great detail the nuances of the legal team’s new strategy. Its strength was also in documenting the effect on the families, ripples of pain that circle outwards for decades.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“This documentary focused on the thoroughness of the police when they brought Bishop back to court, more than 30 years after the murders. They did a fine job in finally ensuring his guilt was established. But there was little condemnation for their failures in the first place, and no explanation for why it took so long to arraign Bishop for retrial.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“Interviews with Karen’s mother Michelle, and Nicola’s father Barry were painful and moving. In December, Bishop was retried and found guilty. This film showed why that was important.”
Chris Harvey, The Telegraph

Father Brown, BBC1

“These neatly plotted murder mysteries are the perfect retort to anyone who claims that daytime telly is a waste of airtime.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail