“There is not quite enough story but, overall, this is the kind of solid, well-made nonsense that is such a rare and precious joy.”

Cleaning Up

“There is not quite enough story but, overall, this is the kind of solid, well-made nonsense that is such a rare and precious joy. Indispensable to it are the actors, who throw themselves uncynically into it with their whole hearts.”
Lucy Mangan, The Times

“It’s an entertaining concept, but much of it was laughably unlikely. I suspect that on some level ITV wanted this show to tick a jaunty ‘feelgood’ box, hence its tone sometimes jarring with its content. But despite Sheridan Smith’s obvious talent Sam is not a hugely likeable character. In fact she’s quite annoying.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“Smith is, as ever, very good: sparky, resourceful, kind, devoted to her children – someone with whom we side immediately. Sometimes, all you need is a good concept and for all its clichés this one is smart. Totally implausible, sure – if it’s this easy to start fiddling the stock market then I fancy a go – but human and entertaining and easy to connect with.”
Sarah Carson, The i

“As a portrait of the perils of a betting addiction, Cleaning Up makes no pretence to be on a par with Dostoevsky’s The Gambler. So the stack of implausibilities probably don’t matter that much. The script is the first by Mark Marlow. It’s not perfect, but Smith is never less than watchable. And after this first episode the temptation for another flutter may be hard to resist.”
Jasper Rees, The Telegraph

“This litany of woes could become depressing, but Sheridan keeps a sense of humour, a cheery confidence that promises everything will work out, as long as we don’t take the plot too seriously. It’s a reminder that this actress could have been a film star in any era.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

New Forest: A Year in the Wild Wood, BBC4

“It was glorious television, wasn’t it? A feast of sight and sound. Easy to forget sometimes that this little country, grotesquely divided at the moment, is home to such areas of spectacular, unspoilt natural beauty and peace, where teeming wildlife are left to live as they have done for thousands of years. I could have watched, trance-like, another hour of this.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“We watched them spiral through the skies, which was thrilling — and make small talk during an interminable black-tie dinner, which was anything but. My favourite discovery was that every flier has his own mug, hanging on a board in the canteen … in perfect Red Arrows formation.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail