“It is unfailingly funny, honest, acute and kind”

Colin From Accounts

Colin from Accounts, BBC2

“It is unfailingly funny, honest, acute and kind, with uniformly understated but pitch-perfect performances, whether from the core cast or the secondary roles.”
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

“Charming, compelling, and comedically convincing to boot, the first episode of Colin from Accounts not only sidestepped tired romcom conventions but set its own tempo altogether. It’s easy to see why the series has been such a hit in Australia. It’s sure to set tails wagging here too.”
Emily Watkins, The i

“There was an Australian earthiness at times, such as when Ashley needed the loo at Gordon’s place, then did something disgusting to fix the situation when the toilet wouldn’t flush — the kind of scene that would perhaps help you to decide whether this is a comedy for you. But it’s certainly promising and in episode two we discover something about Gordon that suggests a more bittersweet dimension to the quirky-loveable rom-com vibe.”
James Jackson, The Times

“Some of the toilet humour is pretty pungent. But other gags are sweetly innocent. It’s a silly set-up, but there’s enough depth to the characters to let us believe that they’re both so desperate for friendship, Colin is all the excuse they need. The real star, of course, is the dog.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

Miss Scarlet and the Duke, Alibi

“The whole show is a throwback to a time when primetime dramas didn’t insist on flashbacks and flashforwards, or trendy giant captions telling you the location (ALDWYCH), or bare buttocks being thrashed. In fact, this kind of crime mystery is almost an endangered species. So let’s be thankful that it’s around and overlook the fact that it’s often as wooden as its antique furniture.”
James Jackson, The Times