“Glow puts anything on ‘normal’ telly in a full nelson on the floor — while wearing a Spandex leotard.”


Glow, Netflix

“Glow, the hottest show on the Netflix block, frankly, puts anything on ‘normal’ telly in a full nelson on the floor — while wearing a Spandex leotard. If this were on BBC1 it would be hailed an instant classic.”
James Jackson, The Times

“There’s no shortage of beautiful women here, but we get to see them as their true, bodily-functions-and-all selves, rather than being fed through a man-friendly filter. Thoughtful, spry and brilliant fun, this is one of the best series of the year so far.”
Catherine Gee, The Telegraph

The Hotel Inspector, Channel 5

“Viewers watch Alex for the mouse droppings in the breakfast room, blocked pipes, cantankerous hoteliers and aggressive room service. The worst on show here was a clash of sofa fabrics in the sitting room. It made for dull telly.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“This time around, Alex Polizzi declares that she’s going to tell it like it is. She’ll be rude. She’ll walk out of places if they’re horrid. The thing is I can’t remember a time when Alex wasn’t like that, and if this series is the one where she’s authentic, then what was she before? It’s a dodgy route to travel down but apart from the mission statement at the start, nothing much has changed.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

“Alex Polizzi continues to offer home truths to tired businesses in the way Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares used to, but without the obscenities. Things must have come to a pretty pass when you feel the need to call in the TV cameras and a straight-talking expert to expose your business’s flaws.”
James Jackson, The Times