“Hugely enjoyable, well paced and gorgeous to look at throughout”


Griselda, Netflix

“Overall, the story of her rapid rise and fall hits all the beats and delivers all the tropes we have seen before. It doesn’t fulfil the promise it had to present us with something different, something deeper. But it remains hugely enjoyable, well paced and gorgeous to look at throughout. There isn’t a weak performance in it and it functions always as a much-deserved showcase for all that Sofia Vergara can do.”
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

“Griselda sometimes feels like a triumph of style over moral substance. But Sofia Vergara commands the screen — and this drama — beautifully.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“Although nothing about the storytelling is subtle, Vergara conveys the twisting of her character’s ambitions with dexterity and her implosion does feel earned as she becomes as monstrous as the men she despised. But for all its focus on Blanco bringing a fresh and female angle to the business of criminal-empire-building (international drug smuggling was apparently crying out for a woman’s touch), Griselda can’t escape that being corrupted by power is a well-trodden TV path – and one no less predictable for being walked in heels.”
Rachel Sigee, The i

Masters of the Air, Apple TV+

“When the first plumes of smoke from anti-aircraft guns break through the cloud cover, it is hard to resist Masters of the Air. Playing out on a canvas in the skies, this is daring, big-budget filmmaking that just about sticks the landing.”
Nick Hilton, The Independent

“It doesn’t take long for Masters of the Air to get going, and when it does: holy hell. If you have seen Band of Brothers, for which this is a companion piece, you’ll be braced for action. But the intensity of the aerial combat scenes featured here will take your breath away.”
Anita Singh, The Telegraph

“You can tell they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on it, although I watch most of the aerial battles with my hands clamped to my face, occasionally covering my eyes. What strikes me most about Masters of the Air, though, is how old-fashioned it is, despite the of-the-moment technical achievements that no doubt come with a budget so big. It is grand, traditional television, reaching for the big moments in every scene. It is bombastic, but earns it.”
Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian