“The BBC’s series showed yet again how the small screen is now lord of the manor.”

Howards End

Howards End, BBC1

“Cinema was the natural home for great drama when the last major adaptation was released in 1992, a quaint, distant age before the era of box sets and online streaming binges. The BBC’s series showed yet again how the small screen is now lord of the manor.”
Ceri Radford, The Telegraph

“The final episode wasn’t my favourite of the four, but it did remind us how very good Matthew Macfadyen is. I have loved Kenneth Lonergan’s adaptation and his dialogue, which has always felt so modern.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“The pivotal scenes where Margaret (Hayley Atwell) made Matthew Macfadyen’s previously unbending Henry renounce cant and hypocrisy and show pity for the plight of her pregnant sister Helen (Philippa Coulthard) were a powerful triumph of raw, honest emotion over pretence and convention, superbly acted and directed.”
Jeff Robson, The I

“Just the one moan, the usual one: music. Too loud, too much, too omnipresent. A little silence would have suited this Howards End well. Otherwise it has been a treat. What it lacked in rollicking, it made up for with thoughtfulness, humanity, wit and words.”
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

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“Without wishing to sound like a stuck record on this subject, I wish they wouldn’t use loud music at all because it imposes a melodramatic Hollywoodish narrative and is annoying. But this is a single quibble with a consistently glorious series, the most exquisite snuff movie we’re likely to see.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“Such is the virtuoso close-up camera work, you felt you were the sea turtle, making your way through the waves onto a Costa Rican beach. This episode was yet another chance to bathe in the gorgeousness of the natural world, from the sleek metallic bulk of sea-lions to the hallucinatory mini wonderland of a rock-pool.”
Ceri Radford, The Telegraph

Coastal Railways With Julie Walters, Channel 4

“Coastal Railways With Julie Walters delivers exactly what you would expert – a national treasure looking at national treasures. There are some TV shows where you long for the presenter to shut up and get out of the way but with this quieter sort of day-trip fare you need someone to perk it up a bit.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

“However much she gives herself silly airs, everyone loves Sir Julie. She’s like the Queen with a Brummie accent. A visit from her is an honour, and it’s great fun to see the delight of ordinary people when she waltzes in.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

Robot Wars, BBC2

“Robot Wars is an enthusiasts’ show, chiefly for small boys who enjoy Meccano and stinkbombs, but the final was spectacular enough to entertain everyone. From start to finish it was all-out mechanical mayhem, with commentator Jonathan Pearce on fine, deranged form.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail