“The pace is brisk, the mysteries are well plotted and the dialogue is sharp and witty”

Miss Scarlet and the Duke

“It’s one of those detective shows in which the mystery is wrapped up with satisfying ease by the end of each episode. All the action takes place in dark rooms populated by people in dark clothes, so visually it’s lacklustre, but the tone is pleasingly light and the pacing is lively. There is comedy, in the form of Eliza’s hangdog accountant (Paul Bazely), and Eliza is a peppy presence who lifts the whole thing.”
Anita Singh, The Telegraph

“The pace is brisk, the mysteries are well plotted and the dialogue is sharp and witty, but this cosy Victorian crime serial has two faults. The sets are often dimly lit, perhaps to convey city smog and flickering gaslight. It’s meant to be atmospheric, but too often looks dark and dingy. And the frustrated romance between Eliza and her oldest friend, Scotland Yard copper William ‘the Duke’ Wellington (Stuart Martin), lacks real tension.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

Hot Mess Summer, Prime Video

“Ultimately, there is very little reason to stick with Hot Mess Summer. If you are looking for schadenfreude, you will be irritated by the forgiving ending. If you want a redemption narrative with a knotty character arc, good luck: this lot aren’t your HBO anti-heroes. Even if you are prepared to set your bar at ground level for some sunny escapism, you will be frustrated by the bitty format and the lack of quality drama. Yes, this show is a shambles, but it’s by no means an attractive one.”
Rachel Aroesti, The Guardian

One Day, Netflix

“I know it’s sentimental, heartstring-plucking stuff, but I loved the book and I loved this adaptation, which is tender, funny, heartbreaking … and gorgeously shot.”
Carol Midgley, The Times