“If Nando’s: A Peri Peri Big Success had been a meal, I’d have sent it back to the kitchen”

Nando's: A Peri Peri Big Success

Nando’s: A Peri Peri Big Success, Channel 5

“If Nando’s: A Peri Peri Big Success had been a meal, I’d have sent it back to the kitchen. Mild where it should have been spicy, spicy where it should have been mild, and altogether lacking in grilling, the documentary was entirely unsatisfying.”
Tom Ough, The Telegraph

“Nando’s: A Peri Peri Big Success was basically a prolonged act of frottage in the form of a TV programme. This documentary came not to bury Nando’s but to praise it — lavishly. Nando’s must feel like smoking a post-coital cigarette.”
Carol, Midgley, The Times

“If last night’s documentary was to be believed, the chain has always had a canny way of advertising without paying the ad agencies. With its good luck tweets to the kids during GCSE season and its endorsements by today’s pop stars, Nando’s knows how to talk to the right people. It also knows how to seem laid-back and cool while actually being devilishly clever.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

Who Killed Sharon Birchwood: Police Tapes, ITV

“This was a sharply edited programme. The case was more than ten years old, but it was presented as urgent and up-to-date.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“It may sound callous, but crime continues to be the most popular genre and watching people such as Sharon’s odious ex-husband, Graham, lie and squirm on camera will never not be fascinating.”
Carol, Midgley, The Times

“I can see that on many levels, it is pretty terrible – an unfocused, by-the-numbers affair, the kind of thing you have seen many times before, but this time with Keith Lemon in it. His quest for fame and fortune is punctuated by a series of sketches that range from slapdash to downright ill-advised. Anyway, who cares? I laughed.”
Tim Dowling, The Guardian