“It’s the most bingeable Netflix offering since Emily in Paris”

One Day

One Day, Netflix

“Fans of the novel should be delighted with this series, which has been adapted by Three Girls writer Nicole Taylor. It’s the most bingeable Netflix offering since Emily in Paris – deep as a puddle in a drought, but sometimes isn’t that exactly what you want? It’s so easily digestible that some of the 14 episodes are barely 20 minutes long.”
Anita Singh, The Telegraph

“It’s just the right side of cheesy and irresistibly charming. I found myself leaning into the romance of it all and rooting for Em and Dex (so intimate is the series that it makes you feel close enough to the couple to share in their nicknames). By the end, I was a wreck.”
Emily Baker, The i

“Despite a slightly repressed English quality to proceedings, Netflix is clearly banking on One Day appealing to a generation of viewers who have been vacuuming up the works of Colleen Hoover, a writer of extremely sentimental romance novels. This means that Dex and Emma’s relationship is taken seriously and given the time and space to emotionally luxuriate. And, at the end of the day, even if there’s no gut punch, there’s still a poignancy to the sun setting on young love.”
Nick Hilton, The Independent

“If you are in the depths of parenting misery then you could do worse than watch Katherine Ryan: Parental Guidance. Not because it has any useful advice, but because it will provide you with a few bleak laughs.”
Anita Singh, The Telegraph

“Parental Guidance was truthful and painful, as well as being very, very funny. But here’s the thing: when the laughter stops, either by accident, or, as I suspect, very much on purpose, Ryan has made a serious – and seriously good – piece of television on modern motherhood.”
Marianne Levy, The i

Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sky Comedy

“Episode one sets up a huge number of minor transgressions. These tend not to include the sort of left-field social observations that used to make us side with Larry, and many of them have no payoff later. They are just indiscriminately piled up. Does that mean Curb is losing its potency? A little, perhaps, but we still feel the wriggling pleasure of witnessing a potential fiasco born in front of us.”
Jack Seale, The Guardian

“There were glimpses of a lazy desire to shock as the show returned with a patchy but ultimately brilliant series opener. One scene in which Larry lost patience with his car’s smart speaker was particularly tiresome; it was Curb on auto-pilot – toe-curling in all the wrong ways. As he unleashed a volley of expletives, even David seemed bored. But it was a rare lapse in an episode that played out like a greatest hits performance by David.”
Ed Power, The i

“Nothing in this opening episode rivalled previous top cringes. But there was plenty to prove it still has much poke in its tank.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“Maybe not every episode of Curb has reached the very heights. But the show’s cumulative brilliance is unarguable. Is it time to go? On this evidence David may well be retiring before he suffers a coronary. To perform a crescendoing meltdown when Siri can’t give him directions in his car looks like very hard work.”
Jasper Rees, The Telegraph