“What a documentary. What a disgusting outrage at its centre.”

My Teacher the Abuser

Panorama: My Teacher the Abuser: Fighting for Justice, BBC1

“What a documentary. What a disgusting outrage at its centre. It is scandalous that two private schools — Edinburgh Academy and Fettes — knew then that young boys had complained of being molested by Iain Wares, a violent, predatory paedophile teacher whose offending was so out of control the TV presenter Nicky Campbell has said it is ‘up there with Savile’. The documentary was fortunate, if that is not too gauche a word, to have such eloquent witnesses. These men, mostly now in their sixties, could describe with haunting clarity their suffering as though it were yesterday, probably because they felt it as if it was.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“The crimes of which Wares is accused of committing against boys of nine or 10 are heinous, but the most chilling aspect of the story is that the allegations were raised multiple times yet schools did nothing but send Wares on his way with glowing references. Towards the end of the film, the contributors were invited to describe how their lives remain affected to this day. They spoke of breakdowns, nightmares, a fear of going to bed. Perhaps saddest of all was the man who was afraid to get physically close to his own children, so scared was he of the idea that the abused grow up to abuse others.”
Anita Singh, The Telegraph

“Like a stick stirring up mud in a stagnant pond, all this brought a lot of old muck to the surface. After the hour was over, I went for a long, freezing walk with the dog — seething with anger that it’s too late for real justice now.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail