“Paul has been filming at Battersea for more than a decade and the format never changes because it’s exactly right as it is”


“Paul has been filming at Battersea for more than a decade and the format never changes because it’s exactly right as it is. He dons a polythene apron and gets stuck in, mopping the floors and applying flea juice, before getting distracted by a waggy tail. In no time, he’s sitting on the floor, having a slobbery facial from a labrador or a shih tzu.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“The pair chatted about Reggie, an eight-year-old giant schnauzer who was proving tricky to rehome on account of his age and health. “A pensioner, rather than a teenager,” as the Queen Consort described him. The royal aspect only made up a small portion of the programme, however. Otherwise it was business as usual, as O’Grady introduced us to some of Battersea’s latest arrivals. He has never known the place to be so busy; no explanation was given for this, but it’s likely that some people who bought dogs for the first time during the pandemic found that the novelty soon wore off. Thank goodness, then, for Battersea and its dedicated staff, who ensure that these animals won’t be alone and miserable this Christmas.”
Anita Singh, Telegraph

Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas, BBC1

“It all looked very aesthetically pleasing, apart from the turkey, which always looks gross, but I couldn’t help wondering how willing people will be in the energy cost crisis to spend hours steaming a pudding. Berry’s ruby red cabbage looked gorgeous, but three hours of cooking time? No chance. Not when you can buy a huge jar at Tesco for 90p.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

““It does me great pleasure in my old age…,” announced Dame Mary Berry halfway through her latest cookery special, Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas. And what gives her great pleasure? Looking back on a lifetime of achievement? Still having a stellar TV career in her 88th year? A well-stocked wine cellar? No, it was “to do coarsely chopped parsley.””
Gerard Gilbert, The i

“Sometimes specials such as this act as back-door pilots; you can imagine that, if this does well, Acaster and Khan will be hauled back for a full series called The Unofficial Science of X. If that’s what happens, great. But if I could make a few suggestions: future episodes should stick to the science, give Laughlin a much bigger role (or maybe just let her host the whole thing), and pay Acaster and Khan enough money to make them want to actually get bashed around a bit.”
Stuart Heritage, The Guardian