“The Great Climate Fight is an entertaining and straight-talking show that offers hope”

The Great Climate Fight

The Great Climate Fight, Channel 4

“TV about climate change can be grim. Given the stark reality of global warming, it’s easy to despair. But The Great Climate Fight, fronted by Kevin McCloud, TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and business guru Mary Portas – who have all been vocal on environmental issues in the past – is an entertaining and straight-talking show that offers hope.”
Ed Power, The i

“It’s true that individuals can only do so much; it will take governments and big business sorting themselves out to save the planet. It’s also true that at no point does a minister sit down with any of them. But God love this crack team of Channel 4 big cheeses for trying.”
Chitra Ramaswamy, The Guardian

“It was punchy, pugnacious stuff, making a strongly argued case for three areas where Britain is dragging its feet: continued subsidies of the oil and gas industry, home insulation inefficiency and a lack of onshore wind turbines. The simple data offered the most potent moments, partly because, as was repeatedly pointed out, green energy would be cheaper in the long-run.”
James Jackson, The Times

“Theroux’s interviews are not designed to elicit a ‘gotcha’ moment or a line that will make headlines. Instead, they give a sense of what it’s like to spend time in this famous person’s company. There were no revelations here but, like Dame Joan herself, it was never boring.”
Anita Singh, The Telegraph

“Louis flirted and deployed flattery in industrial quantities, but it’s a style that gets results. We know Louis’s schtick. He is ruthlessly well mannered, kindly and amusing. If your daughter brought him home, you’d break open the champagne. But he hits the target every time. Celebs relax in his company, and say things they might later regret.”
Roland White, Daily Mail

“Here she was at 90, firing coquettish glances as minxily she did in The Stud, cattily describing Daryl Zanuck’s ‘manhood’ and generally being a bona fide superstar in St Tropez. The Collins big hair (real or not) was very much intact. In the history of humanity no one has looked this good and glamorous at her age. Louis had to be on his game here, because he may never have had a woman in front of him this smart, sophisticated and starry.”
James Jackson, The Times

Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas, Apple TV+

“This is very gentle, very showbiz, very glittering. The jokes are warm, not hot, but everyone laughs heartily, buoyed by the high spirits around them. People applaud halfway through the musical numbers, and by the end, you want to do that too; Waddingham’s relentless good cheer is contagious. You won’t need a cheese board after watching it, but it should certainly get you in the mood.”
Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian

“It’s reminiscent of those Audience With… specials that used to crop up on ITV’s Sunday night schedule – look closely and you’ll spot that channel’s poster boy Dermot O’Leary in the audience – but with some additional big-budget gloss (Waddingham and her guests are bathed in a glorious golden glow throughout). The perks of working with a megabucks tech giant, presumably – although Waddingham is definitely giving Apple its money’s worth. From the moment her cab pulls up outside the Coliseum, she’s belting out a festive ditty, charisma turned up to 11.”
Katie Rosseinsky, The Independent