“Essentially a positive show and thus a pale imitation of the dream-crushing, soul-destroying, oft-humiliating reality”

The job interview s2 virgin trains lowrez

The Job Interview, Channel 4

”This was an entertaining if contrived hour of TV if you ignored the CBeebies-level background music, partly because some of the interviewees gave such lame replies that it would have made anyone who has ever dried up in an interview think: “At least I wasn’t that crap.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“Like its distant cousin First Dates, The Job Interview is essentially a positive show and thus a pale imitation of the dream-crushing, soul-destroying, oft-humiliating reality.”
Gabriel Tate, Daily Telegraph

Everything Sucks, Netflix

“It all just feels too well-worn, as if the creators took the idea of nostalgia and teenhood so far they just ended up repeating tropes.”
Emine Saner, The Guardian

“Despite the standard comedy 25-minute episode length, this series is fun, rather than laugh-out-loud funny, and sentimental even more so.”
Catherine Gee, Daily Telegraph 

“It’s inevitably emotional, and though everyone has obviously given permission to be involved, it can feel a little intrusive to watch the rawness of a family, in particular, watching the person they have recently lost speaking from beyond the grave.”
Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian

The Young Offenders, BBC3

“Those mourning Derry Girls’ passing would do well to catch up with it, not simply because it’s another sharp and silly Irish comedy, but because there’s a glut of excellent and inventive series about teenagers around at the moment, and this deserves its place near the top of the pack.”
Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian

Children Who Kill, ITV

“Its sensationalist title did this thoughtful film no favours. Trained journalist Reid made for a sensitive interviewer and wisely opted for a low-key presence, letting the first-hand testimony and court proceedings do the talking.”
Michael Hogan, Daily Telegraph

Nazi Victory: The Post War Plan, Yesterday

“A masterful project, fusing heavyweight research with a Boy’s Own taste for war stories.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail