“Fascinating watercooler TV”

The Placebo Experiment

The Placebo Experiment: Can My Brain Cure My Body?, BBC2

“The Placebo Experiment was fascinating watercooler TV, but how would you feel if you had been one of those volunteers? On national TV you’ve — what? Risked looking like a chump or at worst a malingerer? The experiment was entirely valid. It’s just that next time they’re down the pub those volunteers won’t half get some stick.”
Carol Midley, The Times

“Dr Michael Mosley, even at his most laidback, makes the Duracell Bunny look like Dylan the stoned rabbit from the Magic Roundabout. Bright-eyed and buzzing, the doc always seems like a man who has had three Shredded Wheat for breakfast. So the sight of him on caffeine tablets was frankly alarming.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“Far from revealing vast discrepancies between rich and poor – and the injustice that might engender – the programme ended on the idea that the differences were minimal, with benefits on both sides. It probably does not mean to expressly promote the idea that growing income disparity is no big deal. But really, in the absence of any other message, that’s sort of all you are left with.”
Tim Dowling, The Guardian

Succession, Sky Atlantic

“It was the best drama I’ve seen in years. Outstanding. And so well cast that there was barely a boring character, although Connor (Alan Ruck) occasionally had a stab. As a satirical dissection of a squabbling mega-rich family it was scalpel-sharp, yet made the viewer have a sort-of sympathy with all of them.”
Carol Midley, The Times

Canada: A Year In The Wild, Channel 5

“Its sumptuous wildlife photography looked glorious on a big-screen telly, and the mesmerising voice of Poirot star David Suchet floated over it all. The untouched wilderness, in this vast and sparsely populated country, was spectacular. Gradually my tensions drifted away. Any aches were numbed, anxieties were quelled. This was a massage for the soul.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail