“This is a soothing fantasy of the policing system, where truth is definitive and always excavated in the end”

The Turkish Detective

“The Turkish Detective is classically cosy British detective fare. The team’s methods don’t quite stand up to scrutiny (sometimes they are downright ridiculous), but that’s OK – this is a soothing fantasy of the policing system, where truth is definitive and always excavated in the end. In fact, the series is so comforting it verges on the soporific.”
Rachel Aroesti, The Guardian

“You sense a creative has watched all the best detective stories, even those cheap daytime ones, from which they have fashioned a highly conventional Europudding — an anthology of detective tropes that certainly on the evidence of the first few episodes fail to cohere or ignite. Still, you can’t keep your eyes off  Cetin Ikmen.”
Ben Dowell, The Times

“The Istanbul setting is attractive and the production values are high. A high-speed chase is more impressive than it needs to be for a TV series at this level. The director, Niels Arden Oplev, made The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, so this is no two-bit enterprise. It’s a satisfactory crime series to keep you going until the autumn goodies come along.”
Anita Singh, The Telegraph

The Night Caller, Channel 5

“No spoilers on where this is going, but, being a Channel 5 four-parter (showing on consecutive nights), there is a bloody denouement in episode one and a slightly chaotic avalanche of incident in the remaining three episodes that take the edge off this show’s quiet profundity. But like the voices in Tony’s head, this is a drama that stays with you, and — if there is any justice in the world — there should be some recognition for Robert Glenister come awards season.”
Ben Dowell, The Times

“The villains are verging on cartoon baddies. You never quite believe in the swimming pool where Tony completes his laps without ever seeing another soul. But it’s grounded in Glenister’s performance, which digs right into the pain of a sixtysomething man who feels that, as an older white man, society no longer wants him.”
Anita Singh, The Telegraph

“Robert Glenister delivers a strong performance as a man crushed by depression, frustration and bitterness. But it’s a grimly unrelenting watch, and four consecutive nights of this could be enough to make any rancher saddle up and ride into the sunset.”
Christopher Stevens, The Daily Mail

“By the end of its first episode, The Night Caller had set out a very appetising stall: well paced, beautifully acted and aesthetically distinctive, moments of overzealous exposition were easy to forgive. In Tony, the drama offered a richly compelling protagonist – neither straightforwardly sympathetic nor vilified, yet entirely recognisable.”
Emily Watkins, The i

Guy Martin And The Lost WW2 Bomber, Channel 4

“Martin is a natural when it comes to explaining the engineering side of things, but equally adept at handling sensitive conversations.”
Anita Singh, The Telegraph