‘This is the hottest property on TV right now’


The White Lotus, Sky Atlantic

“Whip off the fancy duvet, remove the complimentary chocolates from the pillow, and the core message of Mike White’s luxury thriller anthology The White Lotus (Sky Atlantic) is perfectly straightforward: people are horrible. But in the hilarious, devastating, thrilling and chilling finale to series two, White spun this dark yet straightforward lesson into a carnival of horror – the awfulness magnified by the fact that the tragedy and the comedy were intertwined under the oppressive gorgeousness of Sicily in high tourist season.”
Ed Power, Telegraph

“This has been fabulous entertainment to see off the year. It is clever, funny, heightened television that both plays to the crowd and refuses to sing the classics as they are supposed to be, preferring to do its own versions instead.”
Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian

“This season’s wintery trip to summery Sicily has been a delight. The tension has been ramped up notch by notch in each episode, until, heading into last night’s finale, the pitch was excruciating. The White Lotus is no longer a sleeper hit. This is the hottest property on TV right now.”
Nick Hilton, Independent

“Our holiday at the White Lotus in Sicily ended with an eruption of hard truths, violence and death, told with an elemental force and dramatic power that at times put even Mount Etna in the shade. The volcano has been a constant backdrop all series, but a lot of Monday’s final episode was shot at night, allowing this ready-made monster of glowering televisual symbolism its moment. And what an episode it was.”
Ben Dowell, The Times

The Disappearance of April Jones, Channel 4

“There are too many true crime reconstructions on television, and I do wonder what our appetite for murder says about the human condition. Some of them should never have been made – the drama about Maxine Carr is a case in point – and they can be horribly prurient, the equivalent of those cheap supermarket magazines that offer tales of grisly murder alongside diet tips and celebrity bikini pictures. But The Disappearance of April Jones (Channel 4) is a documentary so compelling that I couldn’t tear myself away.”
Anita Singh, Telegraph

Undercover: Sexual Harassment - The Truth, Channel 4

“So stressful and upsetting that my heart rate spikes horribly at several points as I watch. If you are reading this review before watching, consider this a trigger warning.”
Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian