“Didn’t offer that much to marvel at, unless it was the food bills at Caroline Quentin’s house”

World's Ugliest Pets

“It no doubt depends on your outlook on animals, on our nationhood and on life itself as to whether you’d happily sit down to watch a show titled The World’s Ugliest Pets and find yourself chortling along, or whether you’d ignore it as simply the latest example of pet-based TV fodder. Suffice to say, this hour of fluff (or lack of it) was one of modest ambitions: raise a smile on a cold weekday evening, make some money out of Pedigree Chum and remind us that it’s not just cuddly pets that deserve to be loved.”
James Jackson, The Times

“The World’s Ugliest Pets didn’t offer that much to marvel at, unless it was the food bills at Caroline Quentin’s house. What came after had less to do with the world’s ugliest pets and more to do with taking a dog from South Wales to a dog show in the States. Chase didn’t win the title, although there wasn’t a lot in it. You could say the same about the whole programme.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

“Portillo on the history of the Raj and its devastating end is a fascinating line of inquiry — is it really so necessary to make a prat of himself too, for the sake of light entertainment?”
James Jackson, The Times

“On first samplings this new series from the gaudily-trousered sovereign of train-travel telly seems pukka. His first stop, Amritsar, might have been a must-see on the tourist trail but Michael made a point of saying something different about the place.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer, Channel 4

“This was another irresistible confection of a show – stolen by a blue-blooded socialite and a true blue Scot. Who needs digestives when you’ve got daiquiris?”
Michael Hogan, The Telegraph

Who Do You Think You Are? USA, W

“This is the one where Monica goes to London and finds out she’s William the Conquerer’s great x 26 granddaughter. And the only downside is that it also means … she’s Danny Dyer’s cousin. It might not attain Danny Dyer levels of hilarity, because Courteney Cox doesn’t get so carried away with her meteoric rise through the strata of English society, but she is entertaining and amusing in a more understated way.”
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian