The gap between TV series launching in the US and their UK debut is 95 days, according to new data from analysts IHS.

IHS Technology has launched a new report – The Netflix Effect: US Distributors Fast Track New Series To International Series – which shows that the average gap between shows launching in the US and the UK is over three months. The findings cover US shows that launched on broadcast and cable networks in 2013 and until 10 February 10 2014.

The UK typically gets US imports more quickly than France (129 days) and Germany (116 days) but lags far behind the average gap in Australis - which is just 32 days.

Tim Westcott, who authored the report, said social media was likely to impact the pace at which shows are exported.

“The buzz surrounding new TV series goes global very quickly and some consumers are going to be too impatient to wait for these programmes to be available in their country via traditional channels,” he said.

Netflix launched the second series of the Sony Pictures Television-distributed political thriller House of Cards simultaneously in the US, Canada, Latin America, UK, Ireland, Netherlands and the Nordics.

It has also down this with acquired content such as Breaking Bad (pictured).

Channel 4 launched the second series of Homeland close to its US TX on Showtime and rival broadcasters are also pushing to close the transmission gap.

“Many distributors are trying to make their new series available more quickly, even investing in foreign language dubs, which are usually paid for by the buyers,” noted Westcott. “Platforms like Foxtel in Australia and Orange Cinema Series in France are showing US series the day after they premiere in the US.”

However, not all international broadcasters are keen to fast track the TX dates of US.

“Foreign broadcasters want to wait and see how successful a new show is in the US before committing to schedule it,” Westcott said.