United Productions has lost the contract to produce Channel 5 children's show, The Mag, to a 50/50 joint-venture between Two Hats Productions and SVC Screen Entertainment, writes John Plunkett.
The series, made by United Productions through Meridian, began life two years ago as a 2 x 135-minute show on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

It is being relaunched as an issue-led 13 x 40-minute series on Sunday afternoons from 25 April.

The new run of The Mag was ordered by C5 controller of children's programming Nick Wilson, whose brief has just been extended to include religious programming. Religious output was previously part of the news, documentaries and current affairs portfolio, overseen by Chris Shaw.

Wilson, who said United would develop an entertainment-based sister show to The Mag, has also ordered a number of series that previously had 10-minute slots in The Mag.

These include 13 x 30-minutes of Rad (produced by Sunset + Vine), 15 x 30-minutes of Boys and Girls (Hourglass), and 16 x 30-minutes of Footie Shorts (United Sport).