BBC1 consolidated its hold over Saturday morning viewing thanks to its food shows as Saturday Kitchen pulled in 2m viewers (26.6%) at 10am.

The 90 minute show, hosted by James Martin, managed to hit a high of 2.4m (31.6%) at 11pm.

The corporation's main terrestrial channel also to the viewers' taste at 11.30am with a repeat showing of MasterChef pulled in 2m (25.4%) for half an hour.

Whilst the two food shows were on air no other channel could even remotely come close to causing BBC1 any sort of trouble as no one else could even hit the million mark.

ITV1 aired the previous week's editions of Dancing on Ice. The repeat of the main show at 10.15am had 300,000 (4.5%) which was followed by the results show on 500,000 (4.5%) for half an hour.

BBC2's hour-long Basil's Swap Shop at 10am fared slightly better than ITV1 with 800,000 (10.6%). Channel 4's rerun of the final Celebrity Big Brother managed 300,000 (4.2%) at 11am. Five's Nigel Marven's Shark Island took 200,000 (2.1%).