UK households are “two to three years” away from having entertainment delivered on-demand to any screen, Alex Green, the managing director of Virgin Media's online operations, has predicted.

Speaking at the Online TV and Video Forum in London, Green said Virgin was working towards creating a “seamless, intuitive experience” across television, computers and mobiles. But he admitted that the company's “Middle England” consumers still needed to be educated about on-demand.

Virgin TV on-demand offers more than 4,600 hours of on-de-mand content. The service attracts up to 50 million views per month despite only half of Virgin's TV customers using the service. In the third quarter of this year Virgin customers accounted for one-third of the 12 million total views of iPlayer.

Green said: “VoD is not yet a fully fledged family proposition but the consumer is being educated and becoming increasingly sophisticated. Our solution is to create a network in the home that delivers entertainment on demand to any screen in the house. This will take two to three years.”