‘Genuine warmth and authenticity’

Air TV’s charming ob-doc which goes behind-the scenes of a family’s historic car auction business has exceeded every traditional expectation of the genre. Continuously securing UKTV record ratings, Bangers and Cash has run for five series as well as securing spin-off series: Restoring Classics and even being the subject of UKTV’s first live commercial event, which will take place in August this year.

The foundations of the show are the family at its heart, with Derek Matthewson and sons Dave and Paul offering an abundance of warmth and humour. This is combined with personal stories of the sellers, telling tales of holidays, weddings and sometimes funerals, which the judges praised for its genuine warmth and authenticity.


In a time where the straight ob-doc is believed to be dead, Yesterday’s format is a ratings winner, filled to the brim with nostalgia and feel-good moments that have provided a consistent antidote to the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis. It is described as being “deliberately gentle” without a sense of jeopardy, and instead offers a truly authentic look at a modern day business, run in Yorkshire by a family that share their customer’s enthusiasm for all things motorised.

While at first glance, this charming format may feel rather traditional, its continuously impressive ratings, ability to spin-off multiple iterations and innovative broadening of its universe, which will now encompass a live event, demonstrate that Bangers & Cash is anything but ordinary.



Gods of the Game: A Football Opera
Factory Films for Sky Arts

This ground-breaking project was the first opera commissioned by Sky, exploring corruption in football and coinciding with the long awaited 2022 World Cup. This innovative film also led to the first direct relationship between Sky Arts and its sports channels, to create a programme that brought a whole new audience to the art form.


Made in Chelsea
Monkey Kingdom for E4

E4’s longest running unscripted programme continues to consistently perform, remaining in the top three performing shows on All4 consistently. Made in Chelsea pushes the creative boundaries as it moves with the times to engage new, young audiences by tackling subjects such as sexual identity, surrogacy, HIV Prevention and colourism in dating.

Landscape Image - Royal Mob

Royal Mob
Nutopia for Sky History

Offering a fresh take on the drama-doc genre, Royal Mob examines the origins of the ‘Great War’ through the eyes of the four Hesse sisters, Queen Victoria’s favourite grandchildren. The series became Sky History’s highest-rated local commission since 2020, with its premiere run giving a royal performance that saw it achieve 115% above the slot average.


The Hundred
Sky Sports for Sky Sports Cricket

Cricket’s new competition, The Hundred, saw Sky Sport cover an impressive 60 live matches in 32 days. Shaped by input from Sky Labs’ innovation hub, The Hundred’s emphasis on cricket being for everyone, supercharging its entertainment and bringing audiences closer to the players saw the broadcaster widen its audience, increase engagement with families, children and young people to bring the sport to a new generation.