The X Factor continued to dominate the weekend’s viewing, but was lacking the Jedward factor, with ratings down since the Grimes twins’ exit last week.

On Saturday the contestants singing Take That and Elton John songs helped rope in a huge 12.3m (47.8%) between 8.30pm and 9.45pm, peaking with 13.9m (52.9%) at 8.45pm.

But while the audience overall was in line with the previous Saturday, the peak was down considerably on the 14.5m (53.3%) at 8.50pm when the hair raising twins performed Wham’s hit I’m Your Man.

And despite performances from American r’n’b chart toppers Alicia Keys and Rihanna last night (Sunday), the results show peaked with 15.6m (50.4%) to watch Lloyd Daniels get the boot at 8.50pm – down 300,000 on last week’s peak of 15.9m (51.1%) when John and Edward sang against early favourite Olly Murs.

Overall, the results show drew an average audience of 13.5m (45.9%) across the 8pm hour, the lowest average audience the programme has had since 25 October and down on the previous week’s average of 13.8m (46.5%).

Despite the slightly reduced audience, the ITV1 programme was streets ahead of every other programme on at the time on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday night

On Saturday, BBC1 put up the most fight, with Natalie Cassidy’s exit on Strictly Come Dancing helping the show hold on in the face of Cowell’s might.

Overall, Strictly averaged 9m (36.2%) between 6.50pm and 8.25pm, peaking with 10.4m (40.7%) at 7.45pm.

It was followed by Casualty, which netted 4.4m (17.1%) between 8.35pm and 9.25pm.

BBC2’s documentary series Berlin came to a close with a paltry 1.1m for the 8pm hour, before the Modern Beauty season special Why Beauty Matters netted 750,000 (3%) at 9pm.

C4’s repeat of How to Look Good Naked: Sexy Over 60 straightened up with 460,000 (1.8%) between 7.45pm and 8.45pm against The X Factor performance night, and a further 35,200 (0.1%) watched on C4+1. It was followed by documentary Britain’s Real Monarch at 8.45pm, which had 840,000 (3.3%). Another 58,700 (0.3%) watched on C4+1.

Five’s CSI:NY was seen by a below average 760,000 (3%) between 8.30pm and 9.25pm, before CSI: Crime Scene Investigation nearly doubled that with 1.3m (5.6%).

Sunday 8pm

On Sunday, BBC1’s Antiques Roadshow was up 200,000 from last week, drawing 5.6m (19.1%) for the 8pm hour, while Ray Mear’s Northern Wilderness finished its six-part run with 1.8m (6%).

Elsewhere, on C4, Come Dine with Me was seen by 1.7m (5.9%) up 400,000 from last week’s 1.3m (4.5%) with an extra 158,100 (0.6%) watching on C4+1.

Five’s Clint Eastwood movie, Firefox, thrilled just over 1m (4%) between 6.20pm and 9pm.