Audience research business YouGov has launched an app that allows users to view data collected from its 190,000 members. Broadcast runs its eye over the quintessential audience of each of the main broadcasters.


Viewers of the Beeb are most likely to be males aged over 60 years old who enjoy gardening and reading non-fiction. Their favourite sports include cricket and rugby union and they read The Times.

According to a sample size of 15,000, they prefer to shop at Waitrose and their favourite foods include Thai prawn cakes and Lincolnshire plum loaf.

A Skoda-driver, their favourite celebrities include Nigel Hawthorne, Alexander Armstrong and Sian Phillips. They claim to be conscientious and principled but acknowledge they can be diffident and tactless.


Fans of ITV are most likely to be fans of football and golf who own a fish as a pet. A Honda-driving, Morrisons’ shopper, their favourite dishes include pork chops and trifle.

They would describe themselves as dependable and agreeable but admit they can be grumpy and sentimental. Their newspaper of choice is the Daily Mail.
Favourite celebs include Phillip Schofield, Eammon Holmes and Amanda Holden, according to the sample size of 14,500.

Channel 4

A C4 viewer is most likely to be a man aged 40-59 years old according to the sample size of 14,000. Most likely to own a cat as a pet, they enjoy reading and going out to eat. They like to think of themselves as ethical, irreverent and principled but admit to being grumpy and taciturn at times.

A Mazda driver, who reads The Guardian and Private Eye, favourite celebrities include Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Stephanie Flanders.

Eggs Royale and baked Camembert are among their favourite dishes.

Channel 5

C5 is most likely to be watched by a fan of boxing and motorsport who enjoys DIY and owns a dog. Described as big-hearted and agreeable, they admit they can be abrupt and fussy at times.

An Asda shopper who drives a Jaguar, favourite foods include steak and chips and stuffed chicken breast.

The sample of 9,868 found that Matt Allwright, Gino D’Acampo and Paddy Doherty are their favourite celebrities. They read the Daily Mail.


A typical Sky viewer’s hobbies include video games and buying and selling online. Golf and football are named as favourite sports, while they describe themselves as easy-going and straight-forward, as well as impatient and bad at listening.

A Ford driver who wears Henri Lloyd and Tommy Hilfiger clothes, they like to read The Sun and FourFourTwo magazine. Top celebs include Chris Kamara, Dannii Minogue and Eammon Holmes, according to the panel of 5,200.