YouView is to publish a set of technical specifications in union with the Digital TV Group (DTG), as it moves to dispel industry concern that it is not engaging with technology providers.

YouView chief executive Richard Halton told delegates at last week’s DTG Summit that YouView had been working closely with the organisation following criticism last year.

At the time, YouView was accused of running a parallel set of specifications, but it has since become a member of the DTG and Halton attended his first meeting with the organisation in January.

“We have been busy not just in our own offices and with our partners, but trying to reach out to engage with manufacturers and content providers,” Halton said.

The IPTV service provider, which aims to launch in early 2012, will publish a single set of technical specifications on 14 April, according to Halton.

He said the YouView specifications could be described as a subset of the DTG’s own set of technical standards, D Book 7, which will focus on technical stipulations for UK internet-connected TV products and services, and will be published at the end of March.

“At YouView, we have a particular view of how we will build on the D Book 7 specification, and we will publish that.

“We have listened to feedback. We have taken the decision that we should publish the developer API [application programme interface] in addition to the device specification. That is something we will do after 14 April, but well ahead of the launch.”