• F1

    C4’s F1 ambition: personality over technicality


    As Channel 4 gears up to cover the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend, Broadcast reporter Miranda Blazeby went behind the scenes in Barcelona to find out how the broadcaster is shifting the focus from technicalities to personalities.

  • SARA-10
    Behind The Scenes

    Children On The Frontline: The Escape, C4


    Revisiting a family trying to escape the conflict in Syria presented many challenges, says Marcel Mettelsiefen. But the hardest was balancing the roles of friend and film-maker

  • John-Hay
    The Broadcast Interview

    John Hay, C4


    Channel 4 arts commissioner John Hay tells Robin Parker why he wants artists to tackle ‘front-half-of-the-paper’ topics. Plus: Pegah Farahmand on supercharging Random Acts

  • Sky Sports

    Sky Sports: 25th anniversary special


    Sky Sports has changed the face of broadcasting since it burst onto the scene 25 years ago. Michael Burns looks back at its many technological innovations - and what’s coming next

  • Behind The Scenes

    Behind the Scenes: Marcella, ITV


    The Bridge creator Hans Rosenfeldt has brought Scandinavian rhythms to our ‘London noir’, says Nicola Larder

  • Hooten & The Lady

    Hot Picks: Hooten & The Lady


    Hooten The Lady is an ambitious adventure series, described as ‘Moonlighting set in the jungle’, or an ‘updated take on Romancing The Stone’. Just don’t call it the new Indiana Jones.

  • The Secret

    Hot Picks: The Secret


    What could make two pillars of the community – a well-respected dentist and a Sunday school teacher – ditch their normal lives to become cold-blooded killers? That’s the question posed by Hat Trick’s three-part drama for ITV, The Secret.

  • Victoria

    Hot Picks: Victoria


    It seems unfair that Queen Victoria has become cemented in 21st century minds as the double-chinned, cranky looking sourpuss depicted in pictures of the time.

  • Marcella

    Hot Picks: Marcella


    The meteoric rise of dark Scandinavian dramas including The Killing and Borgen paved the way for Swedish writer Hans Rosenfeldt to create global smash The Bridge in 2013.

  • Jay Hunt
    The Broadcast Interview

    Jay Hunt, C4


    C4’s chief creative officer talks to Jake Kanter about the broadcaster’s transformation in the eyes of indies, creative risk-taking and the potentially ‘catastrophic’ effects of privatisation