• The Level, ITV
    Behind The Scenes

    The Level, ITV


    Having finally won the commission after seven years of trying, dive-bombing seagulls and disruptive jet-skiers were just some of the challenges we faced, say Polly Leys and Kate Norrish

  • iPad

    The next evolution of VoD


    Broadcasters are enhancing their online platforms with more exclusive content and greater personalisation, but improving consistency is their main priority

  • Conviction: Murder At The Station

    Conviction, BBC2


    First we had to set some ground rules to ensure we got the kind of cinematic, high-stakes documentary we wanted. Then we had to find the right case, says Richard Bond

  • National Treasure, Channel 4

    National Treasure, C4


    Three weeks’ rehearsal is a luxury in TV - but on a series dealing with historical allegations, it was essential in helping the cast build their characters’ shared past, says writer Jack Thorne

  • Obesity - The Post Mortem

    Obesity - The Post Mortem


    Filming a post-mortem for BBC3 took us on a long and emotional journey, but the result is an eye-opening documentary, says Melanie Archer

  • Top Gear

    Giving men what they want


    Figures show that men’s viewing choices are still dominated by war, cars and football. A panel at the Edinburgh TV Festival discussed whether tastes are changing.

  • Alexandra Shulman
    Behind The Scenes

    Inside British Vogue, BBC2


    The opportunity to make a series about a major British institution doesn’t usually just fall into your lap, says Katie Buchanan

  • Secrets of the SAS: In Their Own Words
    Behind The Scenes

    Secrets of the SAS: In Their Own Words, Channel 5


    Red Planet’s first factual commission demanded an astonishing level of trust in a closed-ranks organisation, says Dan Gold

  • Features

    Gearing up for a 4K world


    With Sky following BT’s lead in launching a 4K service, OB firms are investing in the technology they need to keep up with growing demand.

  • The Collection
    Behind The Scenes

    The Collection, Amazon / BBC Worldwide


    An old car plant near Swansea makes an unlikely home for Amazon Prime’s lavish production about the golden age of French couture, finds Benji Wilson