• Ice Town: Life on the Edge; BBC Earth

    Ice Town: Life on the Edge; BBC Earth


    Filming in icy conditions isn’t everyone’s idea of adventure. Robin Parker gets a glimpse of the challenges for crew and townsfolk alike

  • Mega Shippers, Quest
    Behind The Scenes

    Mega Shippers, Quest


    Fires at sea, tidal changes, hurricanes, and old-fashioned bad planning were all issues, says David Notman-Watt.

  • Behind The Scenes

    Borderline, C5


    From location and choice of director through to the show itself, Borderline was all about getting the best out of improvisation, says Zoe Rocha

  • EDEN-GROUP-midres
    Behind The Scenes

    Eden, C4


    If our participants were to succeed in building a new society, we had to let them make all the decisions – even if it meant we had no idea where to set up our rig, says series editor Liz Foley

  • Ed Havard, Channel 4

    Ed Havard, Channel 4


    Widely praised for its Paralympics coverage four years ago, Channel 4 plans to go bigger and better in Rio. Head of TV events Ed Havard tells Miranda Blazeby what’s in store

  • Behind The Scenes

    A Very Sicilian Justice, Al Jazeera


    Court restrictions, bomb threats and intense security challenged our attempt to tell the story of the judge who took on the mafia, says Paul Sapin

  • 9400599-high_res-war-peace

    Financing drama - funding TV's golden age


    As UK drama competes on an increasingly global stage, budgets are going up and having a single broadcaster attached is no longer enough. Neil Midgley reports

  • Poldark

    TV squares up to the EU


    Plans for a Digital Single Market are being resisted by industry bodies including Pact and the Motion Picture Association. Kate Bulkley examines how the Brexit vote could affect the outcome

  • twiggy

    Born On The Same Day, C4


    Tracing the lives of celebrities and ordinary people born on the same day brings a fresh approach to the biography format, says Laura Mansfield

  • F1

    C4’s F1 ambition: personality over technicality


    As Channel 4 gears up to cover the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend, Broadcast reporter Miranda Blazeby went behind the scenes in Barcelona to find out how the broadcaster is shifting the focus from technicalities to personalities.