• Big Bang Theory

    Chuck Lorre


    As he leaves sitcoms behind, the Big Bang Theory creator explains why he’s out to ‘piss off a lot of people’

  • The Repair Shop, BBC2
    Behind The Scenes

    The Repair Shop, BBC2


    Building a studio from scratch in the middle of a field

  • TGAM007_The-Grumeti-Security-Guards-and-Ben-Fogle
    Behind The Scenes

    Ben Fogle: The Great African Migration, C5


    Capturing a year in the life of four wildebeest over just 40 days’ filming was no small undertaking, discovered Natalie Wilkinson

  • Behind The Scenes

    Born to be Different, C4


    Joining the production 15 years in, it was touching to see the rapport the crew had built with families, says Laurence Turnbull

  • First-Dates-2
    Behind The Scenes

    First Dates, C4


    Feeling the series was lacking something, we brought in our own staff to give the restaurant an identity - and provide some familiar faces to keep viewers coming back, says Nicola Lloyd

  • Alan-Hayling-Editorial-Director-and-Alex-Cooke-Chief-Executive-Office-
    The Broadcast Interview

    Alan Hayling & Alex Cooke; Renegade


    The team behind Don’t Tell The Bride and Drugs Live tell Matthew Campelli that creating successful mainstream formats gives them licence to explore meaningful projects

  • the-tribe-3
    Behind The Scenes

    The Tribe, C4


    With long days, floods and intense heat, C4’s first foreign fixed-rig series took me out of my comfort zone, says Paddy Wivell. But focusing on the basics of storytelling carried us through

  • ricochet-2
    The Broadcast Interview



    It’s been a busy time for Ricochet since Jo Ball became chief exec last year, with Katy Thorogood joining Simon Knight to help expand the indie’s slate. Hannah Gannagé-Stewart meets the trio

  • World's Most Talented, Watch

    World's Most Talented, Watch


    UKTV wanted our show to be ‘big and global’ - so we recruited an international panel of vloggers to act as our jury, says Suzanne Readwin

  • Wanted: A Family Of My Own
    Behind The Scenes

    Wanted: A Family Of My Own, ITV


    Claire Lewis discovered local government red tape was just one of the hurdles in following adoption cases