Avid is opening up its editing systems so that they can work natively with Apple ProRes codecs and files created by Canon DSLR and Red cameras.

The move is being made possible via its Avid Media Access (AMA) which eliminates the need for transcoding, re-wrapping, logging and transferring media prior to editing.

New formats natively supported in version 5 of its Media Composer, NewsCutter and Symphony editing systems as a result of AMA include:

  • QuickTime: Allows users to directly edit any media that plays in the QuickTime player, including the Apple ProRes codec and .MOV files generated by DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D and 7D. Additionally, users have the ability to import from devices that natively record and generate QuickTime and ProRes files like the AJA Ki Pro or Omneon Spectrum Server.
  • Red: Provides direct access to .R3D footage, including full metadata preservation, allowing users to work with full quality media throughout the entire production process.
  • New Canon XF codec: Delivers support for the newest Canon camcorder.
  • XDCAM proxies: Offers access to proxy video and high-quality audio files, enabling users to make more informed creative decisions in the offline edit and link back to full resolution XDCAM clips to complete projects.