Ascent Media is launching an online service that will allow content owners to strike deals with international buyers.

The Global Media Exchange (GMX) will provide content owners with a website platform to show and monetise their content and gives media buyers a library of video to choose from.

Roger Henderson, managing director of network services, EMEA, said: “There's nothing like it on the market. It is the video content equivalent of Ebay.”

It will encourage content owners to digitise their content, thereby making use of Ascent (and others') digital asset management systems. Content sellers can publish their inventory and list licensing terms publicly or in a blind auction if they choose.

Buyers can negotiate licensing terms and choose the delivery format as digital asset, DVD or digital Betacam tape, for example.

Ascent has employed media veteran Stephen Lyons, formerly of Sony, to head the project.

Formerly executive for Sony Home Pictures and Columbia Tri Star Home Pictures his new title will be senior vice president of business development for Ascent.